Podcast #1: Terrence Kennell (TK) on sports preparation, nasal breathing, and running



The push-pull dynamic between S&C and AT and how it differs with rugby: “Every team will have a rehab coach, that person is that middle ground communication between the two departments.”

Agility training: Basically playing games, “constantly changing the rules of the game.”

On your feet-based sports: “At the end of the day, running is king.”

Asthma athlete, mouth taping after 3 ½ months: “zero asthma issues, breathing better… worked really well.”

How to reduce injuries: “Consistency of training… staying in decent shape year-round… that’s probably the best way to reduce the likelihood of injuries

Challenging technique while sprinting: “It makes it harder if you have a PVC pipe over your head, or you’re moving a plate over your head… or a med ball at your chest.”

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