Podcast #120: Aimless Talk (Part 2) with Will Ratelle


CSCCa: Lift, nap, dunk, repeat.

Fascia: “I don’t care.”


Programming for 3-4 weeks in 10 minutes

Not needing to coach someone because they’re self sufficient.

“A good coach is getting someone to be self sufficient at this stuff.”

Side eye looks from guys when you overcoach.

“If I was that kid, do I want some coach telling me what to do every rep?”

“You don’t need to project your opinion on to someone else who is doing it differently who is more successful than you.”

“I don’t try to be a contrarian for the sake of being a contrarian but I have a lot of contrarian takes.”

“I don’t care if people Olympic lift or not but I care about the truth, I care about facts, and I care about the ability to convey a message that’s accurate.”

Not answering questions to combat learned helplessness.

Parents are right on S&C: “you’re getting paid by this parent, he wants his kid to work hard, make the kid work hard, don’t come up with all this scientific justification about why you’re not gonna make them puke. Make them puke if that’s what the parent wants.”

“You’re a babysitter in a lot of ways, do what the parent tells you to do.”

“I think the parent knows what’s best for their kid, better than you do.”

“It’s just good for you to run 300s. It’s just intuition. It’s good for you.”

There’s no such thing as mental toughness.’ “Of course there is.”

Injury prevention does exist.

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