Podcast #102: Keir Wenham-Flatt

“It’s baked into the salary, they know you want to be there so they pay you less… it’s the same thing with wearing shorts to work, having a meal card.”

Why strength coach network was made: “Poverty.”

“Training athletes is an inherently seasonal business.”

“In a gold rush, sell shovels… in S&C, there’s a lot more pain about career development versus physical preparation for sports.”

“In business, to begin with, it’s inch wide, mile deep, you absolutely have to own a single area, but as you grow, if you want to make more money and reach bigger markets, you have to become more of a generalist, but you have to do it in that order.”

“Starting a fire with a magnifying glass, if you’re always moving the magnifying glass, you never generate the heat to get the spark that starts the fire.”

One side of the coin: “If you were to ask me ‘are you gonna make it?’, I would have said with 100% certainty, ‘I’m gonna make it, don’t know how, don’t know when.'”

The other side of the coin: “The flip side of that is crippling self doubt, I never feel good enough, never feel like I belong, always trying to prove myself.”

“Those two paired together is a great recipe for career development.”

“All business is about time… can I save you time?”

“What’s the biggest pain that coaches have?… 4 P’s.”

“It wasn’t confidence, it was independence.”

Thinking I had the recipe: “My injury rate spiked, they hated the program… that’s gonna be a learning experience. I’ve eaten a lot of humble pie.”

“If you’ve been in one place for 20 years with the same head coach, you are delusional, you are not engaging with reality… going from team to team to team, the likelihood is, when I do that, I am engaging with reality and feedback from the marketplace way more than you are.”

“If you are there for 20 years insulated from reality, not having to improve and drive and get better at what you do, that’s a problem and it’s straight up corruption on the part of the universities.”

“Knowing what works is a very hard thing to pin down precisely… it’s comparatively very easy to know definitively what does not work and what shouldn’t be done.”

“When you try to serve all these masters, you achieve nothing.”

“There’s coercion and there’s persuasion… when persuasion fails, coercion comes in, ‘do this or else.'”

“How different would your daily interactions, your decision making, your thoughts, and your career path be if you knew that they could try to take it all away from you tomorrow and you wouldn’t even feel it?”

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