Podcast #107: Red Pill Strength & Conditioning (Part 3) with Brian Shrum


“The profession misses some form of understanding of who they are before they get started in strength and conditioning.”

“The coaching profession is just something you fall into.”

“Why is it that coaches in the S&C profession have to scream and be loud and obnoxious… and then turn around and talk to that same athlete that they’re screaming at to be very conscious and disciplined out on the field of play.”

“The world of physical fitness or physical preparation is irrelevant to sport. I think we’ve overvalued it. Almost to the point where it has taken away from the seriousness of athletes.”

“The life of a coach is a life of torture.”

“Strength and conditioning is about keeping up with the Joneses… with the amount of money that’s involved, how dare you not do it.”

Athletes just coming in and lifting: “You’re creating the walking dead.”

“Most of our lives look like 100 miles long, an inch thick… What do experts look like? That’s 100 miles wide and 100 miles thick. If your’e that person, if something gets stripped away, you won’t miss a beat.”

“If something in the self-help industry worked, we would have one book.”

“A lot people just want to stay in that world (blue pill) and eat the steak… then there’s the ones that go the red pill journey and figure out a lot of the stuff they’re doing is just a scam.”

“The life of an S&C coach, all I listen to is cues. If cueing worked, they would stop doing it. If it worked, you should say it one time.”

“Cueing and clapping your hands and telling them they’re doing a great job. Some [athletes] need that. But some think it’s patronizing.”

“That could just be the dog chasing its tail [contextual vs. non contextual speed].”

Deion not benching: “Isn’t that what we’re chasing? If that’s the best of the best and they didn’t do it, there’s something to be said for why they were great.”

“I can’t figure out why coaches go straight to the physical component. Sometimes I think it’s a cop out for the coach that can’t figure out how to deal with this player.”

“We want to start with the sport and work our ways back. [deductive reasoning]. Strength coaches have inductive reasoning [build strength endurance, work capacity].”

Lifting: “It’s a have to for them not a want to.”

“We can’t make them [be serious]. Coaches think they can, but they can’t. It’s when those individuals want to.”

“Driving people to do something. You can’t. That’s where you feel resistance.”

“I think we’re making athletes slower, by majority. I think we’re making athletes more tired, by majority… and the ones that become great are in spite of the methods that we’re using.”

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