Podcast #110: Patellar Tendon Rupture Case Study with Banks Jenkins

Pre-rupture: “I was feeling bouncy.”

“It was a sport court… it’s basically an ice rink sometimes, it was concrete underneath, maybe that had something to do with it.”

Going to the hospital after rupturing: “Any flexion of the knee was just like a Charlie horse all over.”

“I ruptured on a Tuesday, saw the surgeon on a Thursday, had surgery the next Tuesday.”

Going to Europe 4-weeks after surgery: “I think that was a great rehab process of locking the brace in and just getting a lot of blood flow to the leg [from walking].”

“I try not to be afraid, if it feels good, do it, if it hurts, rest, move on to something else.”

“A lot of back squats, a lot of Bulgarian split squats, leg press.”

Speculating why it happened: “I just felt more bouncy… maybe more force into the ground on that hard surface of the sport court…I was just more bouncy that day and my knee just couldn’t handle it… maybe the timing of the ball coming off the backboard… was there still a partial tear in my right knee?”

“I definitely experience patellar tendonitis in high school… my sophomore year, I started feeling really bouncy but then patellar tendontiis/osgood schlatter took its toll.”

“I think if you’re fresh, you’re able to push it a little more, that definitely cold have been an issue.”

“That mindset of having some good dunks, some good games of 21, you kind of switch the mindset to let’s go.”

“Being fresh and then jumping like that, you have more of an opportunity to possibly rupture a patellar tendon.”

“The surgeon was like ‘your tendon is gonna be 100% but you’re never gonna get your quad back to the other size’ and it’s like ‘challenge accepted.'”

Return to basketball: “Small increments of playing 1 on 1, some basketball by myself, move around, run, etc.”

What he’ll change going back to sport: “I think I’m just gonna keep going the way I’ve been going…. I don’t think much will change.”

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