Podcast #104: Good Drill Roundtable with Bobby Whyte, Ross Greenfield, and Alex Esposito

Bobby: “Everything is elite… people just start throwing the word elite in front of it and you look at all these camps, clinics, AAU teams and they are very, very far from elite.”

Ross: “A bad drill is anything where there’s not a challenge.”

Ross: “If a coach is constantly trying to overcorrect and talk, you’re literally setting up for non challenge.”

Alex: “If I don’t test, I don’t care.”

Alex: “Some people respond better to controlled eccentric overload, some better to the 1×20 method, some better to 2 sets of 5 very heavy weight… the only way to know is to test half court sprint, vertec, jump mat, standing triple jump… 4-6 weeks of lifting, retest, see what the numbers do.”

Alex: “Numbers go up, we’re good.”

Ross: “If I see athletes ringing the bell on the stage [lifting before a drill session], that just gives me a little bit more fuel to ramp it up on the court.”

Ross: “If I smell blood, I smell blood.”

Bobby: “There’s a lot of hate with over conditioning now… but I look back at that and that created a dog.”

Bobby: “We can develop skill, strength, and athleticism but what I see, from the last 10 years of doing this, what most kids are missing is that dog… and that takes a level of walking through fire to get there, you can’t go around the fire.”

Alex: “He comes in, he has knee pain, he doesn’t do anything I say, he has a nice cushy life… I train another kid who doesn’t have a dad, he has knee pain, he does everything I say… cause he’s hungry, he has that dog in him.”

Alex: “The kids that really got dragged through life, they have a very deep understanding of pain, they do everything I say.”

Bobby: “There’s days where I’m bad cop and there’s days where Ross is bad cop.”

Alex: “Training is paralleled with matters of the heart… the culture is hard truth, it’s progress, it’s state your intentions, state your goal, and we try to get you to that goal.”

Ross: “There has to be some relationship with trainer, trainee.”

Bobby: “That’s what we’re after… our kids that transform into our little brothers… they go through the ringer.”

Bobby: “The more you want to help someone, the more you need to learn about them. And what faster way to learn about them than make fun of them.”

Bobby: “When I’m on the court, I’m top dog until somebody proves me otherwise… when we try to big dog them [certain kids], they literally look at us like we’re idiots and those kids are all gonna go and play division 1 basketball.”

Bobby: “Those kids that can match our aggressive impoliteness, they’re gonna be division 1 players.”

Alex: “They definitely skate in the weight room, the kids that match that type, I practically let them do whatever they want… you essentially walked in like that, I taught you a trick or two, you got some bells and whistles on you, I put a couple inches on your vert.”

Ross: “They’re coming in, I smell blood, I purposely make the training such a way where I kind of borderline don’t want them to come back… and if they do, it’s for you… they’re savages… you make gems… now there’s leadership in that group.”

Alex: “I kind of have to unstupify some of them because of the amount of excessive information that they’re exposed to… they’re trying to do the right things… you don’t need optimal, you need good enough.”

Bobby: “At first, I said yes to everything… I was working 70-80 hours a week and overtime you start saying no, I don’t want to work with you and now I’m really after not a large quantity of kids but the right quality of kids.”

Bobby: “Long-term, I get a lot closer to the parents that don’t talk to me initially… the dads that just watch, they don’t come to try to ask questions.”

Bobby: “My favorite parents are the ones that don’t come in, they just trust us… If you’re gonna bring your kid here and you’re gonna ask a million questions, why are you here?”

Ross: “People will do business with you if they like you.”

Bobby: “I’m not not answering a question because I’m mean, I’m not answering because the answer to that question doesn’t matter.”

Bobby: “The people that are good at basketball, they go do… they don’t ask bad questions… they just go hoop.”

Ross: “The only way to go past those roadblocks is if you’re willing to go through it… and if your’e not and somebody’s not pushing you, you have no chance.”

Ross: “People try to objectify things that don’t matter… the reason it doesn’t matter is because the merit doesn’t lie in there… who do you train and how do they play in games? Nothing else matters… the merit doesn’t lie in the training, it lies in the game.”

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