Podcast #103: Meathead Roundtable with Austin Jochum and Eric Guthrie


Weird entitlement: “You can’t just throw it all out and say it doesn’t matter without it ever mattering.”

Eric: “How do you give a kid a decade of experience in two years of a GA or a semester as an intern?”

Austin: “The people we followed kind of made us feel like a moron… but now, ‘I have it all figured out because nobody has it figured out.'”

Eric: “I have that experience [a decade plus] to filter it. How do you build that filter when you’re just on TikTok and Instagram?”

Austin: “Maybe they’re just not special… but our current society makes everybody feel like they can be.”

Austin: “You don’t want a brain I have… you don’t want a brain Cal has… but we live in an environment where everybody feels like they should be that person.”

Eric: “Learning how to interact… not just the athletes but other coaches, sport coaches… send emails, meet, how to send an email that plays the political game.”

Eric: “Our best ones that we’ve had over the years… they have that hunger for learning and getting better and they’re just generally more personable.”

Austin: “Lachen walked in day one, I knew he had it… and then there’s some people that just don’t have it.”

Austin: “I vividly remember, you’re just gonna go make it and it was so crystal clear… there’s not an if.”

Austin and the balance: “They think they already have it figured out so they’re never gonna go and figure it out… but if you don’t have the stupid belief in yourself then you’re just gonna twiddle your thumbs.”

Eric: “I wanted to play in the NFL, there was no plan B, so you just go do it.”

Austin: “I think your currently reality has to suck enough for you to create another reality in your head.”

The magnet, the polarity: “Delusions of grandeur and imposter syndrome.”

Austin: “I ran it for four years [Defranco] and I was still a terrible athlete… it was the only thing I knew. I didn’t have anything else to try.”

Eric: “Are you consuming or are you producing and how do you balance that?… when do I have time to sit with it and do anything with it?”

Austin: “You never get the shut off moment of ‘what are your actual own thoughts?’ because you’re always consuming the next book.”

Eric: “our first week is a presentation on mental models and problem solving… if you can’t think well, that’s what college S&C is.”

Austin: “Online is not for everybody, it’s for me [introvert].”

Eric: “Just be the best version of yourself. I feel like that’s the end goal.”

Austin: “It’s not the algorithm, it’s you.”

Eric: “I think whoops are poop, I think the data is BS, but if that helps them sleep more or hydrate, that’s getting the effect that we want.”

Austin: “I lie to athletes all the time on their flying 10.”

Eric: “We test so much that it doesn’t matter. It’s signal versus noise.”

Austin: “I’m too much of an introvert to be a great teacher.”

Austin: “I think there’s a freedom to being yourself but also proof that being yourself can work.”

Eric: “I think they just need to get results first and then they can dive into those other things.”

Eric: “The most successful ones had that drive and were more outgoing and personable. You could tell within the first week.”

Eric: “Self awareness, you need to be great at S&C.”

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