Podcast #97: Kendrick Pratt


2-3 hour practice: “you’re not training that hard for 3 hours.”

“The team that’s the freshest has the higher probability of winning.”

“They’ve been extremely open and receptive to pulling back because we are able to put values to drills (hard, medium, easy).”

“When we vertically integrate hard, medium, and easy drills into practice, it allows for recovery of the athlete.”

“We’ve cut practice several times just because the guys are fatigued… you can’t get better at skill in a state of fatigue.”

“I think football S&C has a lack of open mindedness… whereas basketball is extremely collaborative.”

Football S&C: “Their tradition is great but I think it hurts them.”

“If you’re just there to facilitate a party and turn the music up as loud as you want, to me, that’s not coaching.”

“If your athletes want to be the best, they want to be coached.”

“If you’re better because you have a better skill set, you’re more intelligent, you can apply things better, you can communicate better, you should get promoted faster, make more money, it’s not I know so and so from back in the day.”

“What was once unquantifiable is not quantifiable.”

“We used to think that the only form of progress that we could show was how much weight on the bar they lifted.”

“What we can do now is show forms of progress other than just more weight on the bar (jump mat, sprint speed, GPS, force dex).”

“A lot of times, the best guys on the court aren’t the best in the weightroom, let alone probably don’t even want to lift.”

Better performance week to week: “we were off our feet 45 minutes more per week… our practices were a little more intense but less in duration.”

“You’re a strength coach, you’re 23-24 years old, you have no life experience and now you’re expected to lead these people.”

“How can you lead these individuals when you struggle leading yourself?”

“I went through the process of wanting to be liked more than I wanted to be respected.”

“I didn’t do the best job there because I didn’t want to have hard conversations.”

“How is your training program, philosophy, structure nested into practice, schedule, travel… how does that fit into the larger picture… it’s tough for you to be a leader.”

“You have to get away from the model of being liked… there’s a difference between you being liked and you being respected.”

“Just the ability to BS with someone gets you a long way.”

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