Podcast #93: Aimless Talk with Tim Riley


“The amount of followers you have matters. It really matters.”

“If I want to learn from another coach, I buy their programs, I will spend money to sit with them on zoom.”

“Success, in the training world, is just a war of attrition.”

Snowpocalypse. “We were eating ancestral blend meat and white rice and lifting in a snow storm and pulling people’s cars out of ditches. There’s nothing more anabolic than that.”

“I get a lot of NFL athlete who present jumper’s knee… they don’t use their knees… they have weak quads relative to their hip strength.”

“Someone that everyone respects says something like it’s true. ‘quad dominance is bad, all your power comes from your hips.‘ And the next thing you know, you have a whole industry that’s affected.”

“Are you too happy? Make some SMART goals. It will fix it.”

“I prefer to work obsessively… Everything else falls by the wayside to a degree… As much upkeep as it takes for the wheels to not fall off.”

“The deeper you go, the more you realize what you think is wrong. And you have to make yourself better.”

“That all or nothingness, when it comes to drugs and alcohol, it will ruin your life… but that same ability to just throw myself into something, it’s the only reason I’m here talking to you.”

“I’m never gonna be good enough. I’m never gonna be smart enough. I have to be this obsessed with it or I’m never gonna make it.”

“If I need someone to get a job done, don’t give me someone who loves it. Give me a sicko. I need someone who is sick in the head. Give me someone who is so obsessed in the head, they can’t stop thinking about it.”

“It served me really well, that addictive, psychotic, a little concerning ability to go where other people can’t go.”

Gladiator guy: “It’s beyond bad, it’s not safe, it’s not ethical.”

From Lifetime to training NFL guys: “Whenever I got opportunities, I took them. And then when I got the opportunities, I didn’t shit the bed.”

“People took chances on me when they shouldn’t have. People helped me when maybe I wasn’t qualified. And I just didn’t drop the ball.”

“There are times it’s not fun because I make it not fun.”

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