Podcast #91: Basketball Strength & Conditioning with Zack Zillner


Being a workhorse: “At the end of the day, I’m never gonna be 6’10… never gonna play in the NBA.”

“My athletes never second guess if I’m practicing what I preach… you’d never go to an accountant that was broke.”

“If my name is gonna be on something, I feel like it should be up to my standard.”

“Put yourself in that coach’s shoes. They’ve been coaching longer than you’ve been alive, they’ve had success, they may not be open to what you think.”

“If the most important thing that day is practice, I’m not gonna smoke em out before practice.”

“We’ve all seen a dynamic warmup.. skipping, stretch, etc… you’re not really ready for practice.”

“Why do we workout for 60 minutes? Just cause that’s what it’s always been. We get mad at these sport coaches for doing things cause that’s just how it’s been. We’re the same people do that.”

4-6 days lifting per week: “The best selling point is: you feel better, I don’t hurt, moving better, practice is easier.”

In season lifting: “Further away from the game, it’s slower. Closer to the game, it’s quicker.”

“If you look back at your favorite coaches you ever worked with, they took an interest in you.”

“Even if an athlete hates me but they get results from this space, they’re gonna keep coming back.”

Olympic lifts: “The biggest thing for athletic performance is the catch.”

“Women, if they can clean their body weight or guys, bodyweight and a half, you got a lot of boxes checked.”

“Is this guy with with the short torso, long limbs weak or is he just in a bad position for barbell back squat?”

“There’s no freshmen program or upperclassmen program. It’s basically like a you program. If you’re really good at this one movement, you might just split squat your whole career here.”

“These tendon guys probably aren’t gonna be that good at lifting. These muscular driven guys are really good at lifting. So how important is lifting?”

“If you’re watching an athlete doing a movement and it doesn’t look right… these guys aren’t designed to lift weights so a lot of the things are gonna make them super uncomfortable.”

“Trying to find things that look good, feel good, and then perform good.”

“These guys who are long and lean, why do I need to put on excess body mass for these guys, especially upper body for no reason.”

“If I put weight on a guy without his lower body strength going up, his knees are gonna hurt more… are we making more solutions or more problems?”

“The best way to not get sore is to do it every day.”

Subjective readiness: “I’ll trust their [motivated upperclassmen] opinion more than the freshmen. For freshmen, everyday sucks.”

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