Podcast #9: Brett Adams (Transcending Performance)


On young athletes: “If they don’t have character, they’re not going to learn it by yelling at them and cursing at them… They don’t get it. They don’t care.”

“Development is a fluctuating process.”

“We get in our way more times than anyone else.”

“A lot of kids want competition but they don’t know how to win or lose.”

Strength Expression:

Conditioning, game ready, what can they do, how’s their hinge, lunge pattern, accel., decel., if it’s tennis – how’s their forehand/backhand.

Intellectual Expression:

Can they comprehend what I’m saying?  If they can’t, are they willing to ask me.

“I have yet to see an athlete not excel in the strength expression.  It’s always the intellectual expression.”

On form:

“Don’t compromise form for the function.” 

“Speed comes with technique.” 

On coaching:

“If you ask me for something, you just might receive it.  But if I have to guess, I’m probably going to guess wrong and we’ll be doing something that we’re both spinning our wheels.”

“The best time to fail is practice.”

“Day one, everybody might get attention, they might feel cared for.  By day 37, there’s five kids getting work and everybody else is like ‘f*** this.’”

“There’s a difference between practicing perfection and practicing adaptability.”

“Win every rep” is unrealistic.  That’s about perfection, not adaptability.

Professionalism: “Get in, get out, go home.”

“You can’t want it as much as the athlete.”

“I’m giving you the holy grail, I have to trust that you’re going to read it and then apply it later.”

On closed drills:

“If you have a bad time with a wide backhand, it might be the motion… you might just have to do 50 of them…. And now we go live again.”

On Muscle versus Energy Paradigm:

Energy Transfer Paradigm: “Get loose, stay loose, and find a competitive spirit while loose.”

“Once they become tight, you start seeing the muscle paradigm again.”

On having a Back-up Plan:

“Am I really going to play sports my whole life?”

“The standard should be being the overachiever.”

“As practical as it’s going to get: Allow athletes to be accountable, find their own character, stop comparing, create a script.”

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