Podcast #89: Strength Coach Memory Lane with Kyle Harris


I remember the first time I did Triphasic, I remembered my nervous system feeling like it got hit by a Mack truck.

After Minnesota: Everyone’s gonna want to interview me… I have all the secrets

I was a Triphasic know it all and I just wanted to tell the entire world about it

My 23 year old self thinking I knew it all after one three month internship

Copy and paste

I remember thinking, with just rpr, I can lead the team to a national championship.

RPR: The placebo effect was like none other… 3 weeks after the clinic, I set a PR in the 100m dash

Not only am I trying to copy  and paste and airdrop in, I’m too insecure to even ask the people who created what I’m copying and pasting…

Something that is such an inexact science as S&C, you have to imitate someone, you’re going to.

The sooner you can get over being an imitator and understand how to become your own person, the better off you’re gonna be.

S&C is kind of a continuation to college football… that fishbowl of masculinity and everyone trying to prove themselves

How dare you say something so simple (3×5 add 2.5 pounds) is going to work so well. Redshirt freshmen’s vertical kept going up and up and up.

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