Podcast #80: Throwing Fast with Clayton Thompson (RS3 Sports)


“That’s all that there is, do you hit the ball harder or not? Do you throw harder or not? Do you run faster or not? If you’re not doing any of those things better then your training sucks.”

“If you apply more force into the ball at ball release, you win.”

“My freshmen year of college, I was throwing 77 mph. Freshmen fall I touched 84. My sophomore fall, I touched 90 for the first time. There was a dramatic increase.”

Guys who can throw fast: “They were allowed to be athletes the longest.”

“If they have a 40-inch vert, don’t touch em. If they have 100 mph, don’t touch em. They’re good… and if they don’t jump high and they never lifted, maybe they should lift.”

“If it makes you feel good, don’t let me tell you differently… it could be the most eyewash thing ever, but if your arm feels great tomorrow, you can do whatever you want.”

“After you throw hard, rest. You don’t need to do more stuff.”

Arm care: “ISOs are good, more motor units are good, and then build the armor so you can protect yourself.”

Forearm pain/flexor training: “I don’t know why people don’t just go rock climbing.”

“There are guys I play with who can throw hard every single day.”

“Guys with a rubber band arm are progressed too slowly and guys who really struggle to recover and are more muscular, those are the guys who get more sore and need to be progressed more slowly… that’s a really easy distinction that not a lot of people make.”

Exercise: “Either you’re creating adaptation or you’re impacting form. That’s it.”

“Bench is the only weight room movement that is correlated at all to throwing velocity. So get a big bench.”

“A lot of guys will throw 95 and never touch a weighted ball in their life… if you do, throw a weighted ball and throw 100.”

“I always want to be moving as fast as possible so I’ve been out on med ball throws for awhile because guys are already rotating so fast 100 times a day when they hit and when they throw. I don’t understand the beneficial adaptation that people are trying to create. They already made it.”

“You want to go either to the fastest end of the continuum you can go to or the slowest and heaviest you can go to… the most beneficial things are extremes.”

“If you want to get good at throwing and you only have one exercise to do, throw. Throw everyday. That’s your 1A, 1B, 1C.”

“Nothing in the weight room is specific. The only thing that’s specific is throwing. However, adaptations are specific. We are creating adaptations that you can use on the field.”

“When I threw 76, I could throw 150 pitches. When I threw 90, I could throw 20 and then my arm would feel like it would fall off.”

“So many problems are man-made. Little kids have the closest biomechanics to big leaguers. They move so naturally and so well, coaches screw them up.”

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