Podcast #78: Legendary Warmups with Austin Jochum, Lachen Reid, and Nathan Welty


Dynamic warmups: “Week 3 hit and they just hated it.”

“If guys are screaming or yelling during the warmup, that’s a good thing.” Tag, wrestling.

“The warmup was literally the worst part of the whole entire practice.”

“If all your training is incredibly safe and structured, it’s probably not preparing you in a useful way for sports.”

A hockey player hurting their quad skating or tearing their hamstring playing handball… “Both are preparing for your sport.”

“I got good at climbing and all of my grip stuff went through the roof… climbing (something general) is going to take care of the specifics, the specifics only take care of the specifics.”

“If you want hip mobility, go play gaga ball.”

Austin Jochum: https://www.instagram.com/austinjochum/

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Nathan Welty: https://www.instagram.com/nathan.welty/

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