Podcast #72: Answering Low Quality Questions with Will Ratelle


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Effective Reps Model: “It’s better for people who know what they’re doing and they have a solid background of training.”

How to Get Huge:

  • Have genetics that help you get huge
  • Lifestyle
  • Lift heavy, do it frequently, do it consistently

Strength/Speed Plateaus: “Find a novel stimulus and try that.”

Journey from sports to content: Making products based off my own negative experiences in life.

Could Will jump higher if he didn’t have so much upper body muscle? “Probably yeah but I don’t care… I want to be big and jacked.”

Point of diminishing return on explosive performance: “If you’re running into diminishing returns, that means you probably made a significant amount of progress to the point where, to continue advancing in your athletic development, it probably doesn’t matter that much.”

When do I know that I’m strong enough?… You’re not strong enough right now.”

Surfing the force-velocity curve for vertical jump: “Just get really strong and get really fast… because power is a math equation (F x v), so you’re going to have to raise at least one of those variables to improve the product of power.”

How to heal damaged knee cartilage? “How do you know that your knee cartilage is damaged… also, how can you say that is the pain generator?”

Dumbbell snatches: “The stimulus is not even close [to a normal barbell snatch].”

Overcoming ISOs to improve acceleration stiffness: “Get strong in hip and knee extension and practice sprinting…. I don’t think you’re going to ever be able to demonstrate that some sort of intervention with the calf and ankle is what lead to a significant improvement in jumping or sprinting performance.”

Worth the time to do off season plyos to work ankle stiffness for example: “Are you just adding stuff in?… If you’re a basketball coach, when does the term ankle stiffness ever come up? Never.”

Single-leg jumping: “For example, if my left patellar tendon hurts, and then I go do a hopping exercise on two legs, I can look amazing. But if you make me hop on my left leg, it’s gonna look awful and that’s a functional deficit that I probably should address.”

Sleep Education: “You don’t have to educate anybody on sleep, I learned that when I was in kindergarten… you’re not changing anybody’s mind by showing some infographic.”

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