Podcast #7: Mike Kozak (Soar Fitness) on Rewire, PRI, and Neurotyping

“Pullin’ the pinky and inside edge is one and then athletic posture is the other… basically your range (ankle dorsiflexion).”

A lot of range or a little, it’s not good or bad. “Your range is your range.”

“After the base position is how do you run better.”

Zion and how fast he switches his legs… “That’s the heart of the Rewire process.”

The triple extension in running that S&C coaches love: “That makes you late to your next step.”

Focusing on triple extension in running: “You’re really not gonna turn the legs over the way that the really really fast people are turning the legs over.”

“We spend a hell of a lot more time flexing people than we do extending.”

“If your heel just dumps in and the kid doesn’t know it… to me, that’s just bad pronation.”

“Hank Hill butts, those are the people that you’re gonna have a real hard time with in the squat rack.”

Neurotyping: “Where it’s really paid off for me is understanding the kids… that really high intensity stuff has an adverse effect on them.”

“And I thought belly breathing was good. I wasn’t getting full apical expansion where breath was going into my ribs, into my back, into my stomach.”

Once Mike stopped doing bilateral rowing, bodybuilding-style: “I’m smaller… but I don’t have neck pain and back pain.”

“Landing and deceleration, those things are built into your system, your body just does it.”

The fastest sprinters right now: “They’re really doing a hip thrust standing up.”

“Squatted… is really just being leveraged. And if you’re running with straight legs, you’re not leveraged.”

“If you don’t really understand the when and the sequence of running… that’s what gets missed.”

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