Podcast #67: Dunk Wisdom with Mik Hrabczuk



Olympic weightlifting: “It just clicked for me.”

Snatch: “The positions are very similar to a standing vert.”

“The Olympic lifts worked for me because I’m very competitive-driven… I find trouble training if there’s not something on the line.”

Keeping approach vert above standing through heavy lifting phases: “I always practiced running vert.”

Hitting a plateau from training: “After 4-weeks [training easy], went and jumped, had one of the highest sessions I’ve ever had.”

“Jumpers have jumped for life.”

“The whole lifestyle growing up was an elastic base for me.”

“I’ll try the other plants if my knees are a little achy.”

“There’s a time where you gotta suck it up [dunk shows] and deal with the knee pain.”

“When I made dunking a goal, I was jumping everyday [for the first year].”

“I think having a standardized jump technique is very good for beginning stages [young athletes, people who have never jumped].”

Commonalities amongst jump development systems: “You’re gonna get strong, you’re probably gonna get elastic, and you’re gonna jump.”

“Unless somebody asks, I don’t even retest verts, I go based off feel.”

“I like really slow squatting for knee pain [4 down, 3 hold, 4 up].”

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