Podcast #61: Knee Pain Recovery with Kyle Waugh


Biomechanic presentation in pain: “It’s more of a retroactive thing.”

“Recovery. That’s probably the first question I’m gonna ask these people.”

Tendinopathy: “I think nutrition and sleep are probably the two biggest things.”

“If you want to prevent an injury, sleep 8 hours and eat some food.”

“Could we say I had this posture and it didn’t really matter or was I not recovering because I treat my body like a dumpster fire.”

Knee Pain: “9 times out of 10, they have a posture that’s leaning crazy forward, they have some sort of anterior tilt at the pelvis, and their biased towards the ball of the foot.”

“Foam rolling is the same thing as manual therapy… it creates a relaxation or expansion in that tissue.”

“Whatever we can do to reduce some tone or relax that area and then help find that control over the range of motion, I’m gonna do it.”

Self-myofascial release: “I call that our fluffy work… it just reduces the tone and gives us a window to work in.”

“There’s so many other muscles surrounding the knee so why wouldn’t I go after those as well?”

Hamstring: “It acts like stirrups for a horse… it controls torque on the tibia… it delays the knee going forward to some degree.”

Tibialis raises: “It gets blood flow, it gets things moving, we know that works, that can help people feel better. But at the end of the day, what’s gonna change how you’re moving? We need to change motor patterns.”

“If you’re expending calories and you’re not getting sleep, your body hates that, it’s not gonna feel good.”

Leg extension: “It’s good from a tissue standpoint but mechanics-wise, it’s pushing you down the same path [forcing your forward].”

Tendinopathy rehab: “I would revisit sleep, that’s probably the biggest thing.”

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