Podcast #6: Dr. Ryan Summers on Load Management and Physical Preparation


“That’s not to say that that’s not beneficial from the psycho-emotional-social status to be able to do that.” (Athletes partying on weekends).

“I think we’re lying to ourselves when we say we’re doing a really good job at preventing injuries.”

Limited ankle dorsiflexion – similar to a tire out of alignment. Might lead to an issue over time. Manage load and/or improve ROM.

“When the nervous system and the brain experience the same stuff over and over again, I think that’s when pain starts to arise.” Low back pain, a lot of lumbar flexion over lifetime but rarely lumbar extension.

“You’re trying to bridge a gap that is very, very wide.” (Trying to improve movement mechanics from isolated drills when an athlete plays in chaotic, fatigued, noisy team sports).

Triangle of Care: One Side (Research – What is it telling us), Other Side (Experience), Third Side – “People don’t place the level of importance and appreciation is, what does the patient want?”

“There are things going on that are beyond our level of control, and if we don’t appreciate those as a factor into why they’re having pain or injury, then we’re being really narrow-minded and short-sighted.”

Analogy: Body is an unfilled cup. In order to get strong and resilient again, we need to fill up the cup with water. But pain puts a lid on the cup. Do the “feel good” stuff so the lid comes off and you can do the effective stuff to fill the cup.

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