Podcast #54: Compensations, Isometrics, and Perception with Jarod Burton


“If you don’t have awareness of where your limb is in relation to space, then your body is going to get protective over it.”

“My whole goal was to create awareness of areas that they didn’t have awareness. And just by getting that awareness to areas, that decreased their pain.”

“If you’re lateral quad dominant, that usually correlates with a medial side hamstring tendon…. you’re not able to dissipate force through that hamstring as efficiently.”

“Most people have a hard time getting into their adductors or into internal rotation because they can’t engage the medial side of their quad, mainly because the outer quad is dominant.”

“Figure out where there is no tone and create tone.”

“Tone and lack of control are interchangeable.”

“It’s about the athlete discovering themselves what’s not working.”

“Your intention is always to try and change something or discover something new… if you’re not discovering something new when you’re training, you’re not going to change any compensation at all.”

“You have to match your body where it’s at in that current state. If you’re completely out of breath and you can’t nose breathe, don’t force yourself to nose breathe.”

“You can actively manipulate somebody’s time just by using different objects.”

“Everything in this world is frequencies. You can really drain somebody or you can provide them energy.”

“You run until you drop-off and you can’t do more… the premise is based upon the idea that you can’t recharge your body but that’s not how nature works.”

“Incorporate different objects, an isometric, shock training in between sprints… You can recharge the body, you can make it go longer, you can make it go faster.”

“Everything comes down to perception… how the individual perceives the environment.”

“After a month of all these isometrics… they’re running for an hour straight and nobody’s dropping off.”

“When you engage a muscle you can’t contract, it’s also going to relax really slow.”

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