Podcast #50: Good Drill with Bobby Whyte


Getting the rust off… “It’s not rust”

“The more novice the athlete is, the more they’ll get out of pre-meditated stuff.”

Working isolated skills: “Basketball players develop habits… not good players develop a lot of bad habits.”

Working with China basketball: “If I can just cut down the amount of load, I think that will be good enough.”

“What happens when you have to practice 8 hours? You go 50% the entire time.”

You’re doing really good, Johnny… great shot. No, you’re lying.”

“I watch kids get better… it’s a product of me telling them the truth.”

“I think most skill trainers have never picked up a book on skill acquisition.”

“Kids want 1-on-1 training because it’s more comfortable… we play 5-on-5 and you want to train 1-on-1 with a trainer?”

“What trainer am I going to get? What jump program am I going to buy? Just start.”

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