Podcast #49: Red Pill Strength & Conditioning (Part 2) with Brian Shrum


“I think we should be more like Wal-Mart… for some reason, the sport world is like the outlets.”

“If my intentions are to prove somebody wrong, we’re never going to get anywhere.”

“What if we start with commonality, which is the sport itself.”

GPS: “If you know the game well enough, you’re not having problems with this… You don’t need the data.”

“If you’re doing a really good job of periodization in the sport world, you should have planned out all these different variables.”

“The film session is cognitive load… that’s going to affect your training load for the day.”

“You’re making them think, that’s a training load itself.”

After a day or two off, “if you have a small-sided game planned for that day, your incidence of injury is through the roof (lots of change of direction, stops and starts, etc.)”

“You cannot have a conversation about muscles, tissues, tendons, and joints without talking about the brain.”

“What we’re doing in this world is we’re just adding more load.”

Brain, body, mind, mental, physical: “They’re all just one thing, it’s just a physical body.”

“It has nothing to do with the mental toughness aspect… it’s intensification of sport.”

“There is this fallacy that we have to do some type of physical exertion to create a more mentally tough individual… it has no context to when you get in the sport.”

“I don’t know that you can believe that you are going to win a game.”

“Performance is about how can you improve thinking [not belief].”

“If it’s not known then it’s just traditionally handed down and it’s the consistent problem we have in coaching.”

“If some of these coaches that have a phenomenal understanding of what they’re doing but can’t explain it well, had the ability to explain it better…. progress would just soar.”

“If you take what Nick Saban does and scale it down to a division 2 school, you probably won’t have the same success if you just map out what he did and do it again.”

“If you take what they do at a Power 5 school, that’s just a recipe for failure.”

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