Podcast #48: Basketball Strength with Justin Ochoa


Training Basketball Players

“Everything is individualized to the person and the sport is not as important as the person.”

“We look at what do they lack the most? and can we fill that bucket.”

“You’re either fast and weak or you’re strong and slow.”

“How. many max effort jump, how many max effort sprints do you get in a game? If you’re a three-point shooter, probably not that many.”

“The clients that we’ve had for the longest have the least problems… because they’ve found what’s worked for them.”

“Anything on the front side of the leg, we just wreck playing the sport.”

“Let the sport be the sport and then let the training be the training.”

Lance Stephenson

  • said “I don’t really like to lift weights.”
  • “He didn’t move poorly, he just moved like a basketball player.”

“At the end of the day, the weightroom has very, very little to do with the skill of the sport.”

Landing Mechanics

“If you watch sports, you know that snap downs have never happened in any sport. You’ve never had a bilateral, equal landing. And if you do, then you probably suck at your sport.”

“Landing from a jump shot is going to be different than landing from a dunk in traffic. How do you work on that in the weightroom?”

“We don’t do any landing mechanics… and our athletes are safe.”


“The biggest difference between women’s and men’s basketball, at the pro level, is – these women are going through the wringer.”

Injuries in females: “There’s different biomechanics involved, there’s the load, there’s also the difference in outputs.”

  • “I have a 47-inch vert from my craziest male, I have a 31 with my craziest female.”
  • “When you’re less of a freak, it’s harder to get hurt.”
  • “When you’re running 22 mph, that’s a dangerous thing versus 17.”
  • “Performance goes up, injury risk will go up. Because your performance is crazy, your outputs are crazy.”

Injury Reduction

FMS: “Nobody can do a bird dog on the same side so nobody’s getting a 21.”

“I’m not in the 16% with Bill.”

Basketball players: “You’d think they have big glutes… but it’s really not, they’re so extended.”

“What I see a lot is monster QLs and erectors on basketball players because of all of their back they use in their sport.”

Basketball Training Advice

  1. Stop mimicking the sport in the weightroom, it’s probably the biggest waste of time.
  2. Individualize your training based on that person and not necessarily their sport.
  3. We can’t be scared to really train hard.

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