Podcast #45: Go Down Leg, Stand Up Leg with Adarian Barr


Sweet Spot

“Squat down, grab your toes, straighten your legs out, there goes your sweet spot.”

“The sweet spot on the go up leg is going to be tall, in a sense… on the go down leg is going to be more of a horizontal pointing direction.”

Up Leg, Down Leg

Legs: “One of them wants you to go down on, one of them wants you to go up on. It’s the pair working together.”

“Most likely, you’re going to make the false step with the go down leg, not the stand up leg.”

Switching jump styles: “You can, but that doesn’t change the function of the leg. The go down leg is still the go down leg. The stand up leg is still the stand up leg.”

A two leg approach jump: “It’s a single-leg issue”

“We know our set-up and a lot of times we try coaching based off our set-up, and that’s where things go foul at.”

“You’ll see a lot of sprinters… it looks like they’re running with a slight limp… it’s just that one leg is going further down than the other leg.”

“The go down leg… part deceleration, part acceleration… the stand up leg is only going to accelerate you.”

“A false step is about, you just cut out the class one portion and went straight to class two.”

“The class two is always ready to be compressed.”

Outside/Inside Edge

Outside Edge: “It locks up the leg, it won’t bend anymore.”

Flat Foot: “Everything is going to pop over cause the heel got jammed, it’s going to pop up.”

Inside Edge: “You can go down, keep moving forward.”

“Most basketball players, when they do a step back, they turn the foot sideways… land on the outside edge which stops them and they can come back off it because they have juice in it. If they have that foot still pointed straight and on inside edge, they wouldn’t be able to stop and come back.”

“Just turn the feet [inwards], you’ll stop.”

Tight ITB/TFL: “Most likely, you spend too much time on the outside edge of the foot.”

“If you want to support your weight, go to the outside edge of the foot… if you don’t want to support your weight, go to the inside edge and you’ll drop like a rock.”

Pelvic Movement

“If you’ve got 100 reps of moving your pelvis in the weightroom, when you come back to the track or the court, you got the reps in already, so it’s easy to do… but you got 100 reps doing something that you’re not gonna do over here, you wonder why we’re confused all the time.”

“You don’t need as much tension in the hamstring for a team sport.”

“Don’t do quick feet, do quick pelvis.”


“Technique is that when.”

“If you really give a good workout, it’s time to go home in 10 minutes… we gotta fill up a whole hour… what have we really been doing? We’ve been doing stuff to get them through the hour. Not stuff to really get them better, but stuff to get them through the hour, that’s the whole issue.”

“If you’re worried about injuries, you’re not worried about performance.”

“Most injuries are a mistake in timing.”

“The Achilles is going to pop you vertical, no matter what you do… Hamstring comes along and pushes you forward.”

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