Podcast #39: Collisions with Adarian Barr




Harmonics and vibrations, wanted and unwanted. “Collisions can create unwanted vibrations.”

“A bad collision creates unwanted vibrations.”

“It’s a collision all the time.”

“How do I make these things work to smooth out so they’re not just destroying tissue.”

Delaying the collision

“I want the vibrations to travel a longer path, not a shorter path.”

“The greater the collision, the longer the path, the bigger the bend at the knee joint, at the hip joint…”

Parkour: “You see their butt touch the ground, that’s a longer path now.”

“If you make abrupt halts, you just shortened the path again.”

“So that’s what we’re trying to do in jumping, extend the duration of the collision to lessen the force impact transferred through the joints to the rest of the body.”

“I want to keep moving forward instead of coming to an abrupt halt.”

“Abrupt halt yanks on patellas. Abrupt halt jams up hips… the collision is too short.”

Tennis players: “They run, they slide, they hit the ball. I just extended the collision.”

“What’s a snap down? An abrupt halt.”

Jumping and Landing

Landing: “If the knee stops moving… the body is still moving. Everybody can’t do an abrupt halt.”

“If I want to go vertical, I’m going to end the collision because I want to go up. If I want to go horizontal, I’m going to extend the collision some more to go horizontal.”

Running Well

“James Harden runs well. Russell Westbrook runs well. LaMelo runs well. Zion runs well. Are they the fastest? No, but they run well.”

“Ankle stiffness, knee stiffness, that’s a weight distribution issue.”

“I want to move forward fast. So if I’m moving forward fast, I don’t want an abrupt halt.”

“I want to run well so I can transfer the energy into my jumps and make my jumps easier.”

Heel striking: “Continue the collision… extend it as long as possible and you’ll be alright.”


“Whatever is on the left side of my body is working to coordinate the left side movement. Whatever is on the right side of my body is working to coordinate the right side movement. They’re not crossing over.”

Get juiced: “Take energy from one side of the body, put it to the other side of the body to produce a stronger signal on that side. The other side follows along.”


“Why do we fix what’s good?”

“We say things that can’t be measured… How do you measure ankle stiffness? How do you measure foot strength?”


“You can get this first movement in but your timing is off on the second movement.” Third, fourth, etc.

“If somebody got hurt, the timing was off.”

“It’s not a weakness issue, just a timing issue. That split second, your timing was off. Oops.”


Technique is about:

  1. what am I doing
  2. how am I doing it
  3. when am I doing it

“That’s what missing in a lot of things is the when component.”

Penultimate: “If you do it enough, it will work itself out. Cause why? Cause your brain aint dumb.”

Shin Angle Change

“If the shin angle goes down, I’m going horizontal. If the shin angle goes up, I’m going vertical. But it has to change.”

You have to handle two things:

  1. foot hitting the ground
  2. body passing over the foot

Collisions with the Foot

“People talk about their calcaneus locked down… Most likely the fifth (metatarsal) is locked down.”

“Pinky out, and I just want to move it.”

“We see a lot of people stand on the fifth. If you stand on the fifth, you just jammed up your calcaneus. Get off of it so you can move it.”

“The calcaneus likes to rock and roll.”

“You get a divot in the shoe and the calcaneus is locked in.”


How do we become better jumpers, better dunkers? “Go down… Run better.”

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