Podcast #3: Patrick Peterson on Sports Science, Intervention vs. No Intervention, and What Transfers to Sport


“Some people are so afraid to load us up and hit us with volume. That’s what makes our immune system better.. movement literacy.. it goes down the chain”

“Sometimes the best question you can ask is ‘how are you feeling today?'”

Sleep: “Who knows, maybe he’s able to recover in those 6 hours, he’s adapted to it… do you want to give him more rest or is that just gonna make him more groggy in the mornings?”

“I’m not gonna make anyone tougher by having them do a German Volume block.. that’s not gonna happen.. that’s just gonna make them hate the weight room”

“Am I testing skill acquisition or skill expression?” Golfers testing jumps who have never jumped (skill acquisition).

“Test without testing… Mix the force plate in with training.”

“1×20 is a great way to familiarize people with the weight room, familiarize them with stress.. but at some point you need to add some contextual interference.”

“If I have somebody hop up on the table 15 minutes before game time… and I haven’t seen them get a reset in a couple months… I’m not gonna go in and try to constitute some huge change before they move at 90% of max velocity.”

“How do we know that that’s not part of what makes him great?” – LeBron James’ messed up feet.

“We try to put things in a box all too often just so that they make more sense to us… There’s a plethora of things out there that we have just begun to scratch the surface on and don’t really even understand.”

Overhead squat – “you’re asking her to do something that you might not see in a game that she’s not adapted to.”

“A lot of athletes leave athletes being slower… maybe that’s just because we’re looking at things so far away from what we’re actually asking them to do when they leave the weight room.”

“If you get two athletes… one spends all his time in the weight room and one spends all his time playing hockey, who is gonna be the better hockey player?” or mix in small-sided games.

“If I train my reaction time to catch a tennis ball off the wall for 3 months, I’m gonna get way better at catching a tennis ball off the wall.”

“The hardest outcome variable to intervene on in sport science is that win-loss column.”

Best way to reduce the likelihood of injuries: “The Game”.

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