Podcast #28: Dunk Wisdom with Jordan Kilganon



15 years old. “That’s when I started dunking every single day for 3-4 hours a day… somedays 30 minutes… somedays 9 hours… on hoops that were 7 feet to 9 feet.”

Dunking every day: “I was so hooked to it and it was so clearly working.”

Guys with knee problems. “They started dunking every day and their knees are fine now.”

“That’s why my technique got so good is because of the actual dunking, just because I did it so much on lower rims.”

“It used to be, my third jump of the day would be my highest jump.”

“But now that I’m not younger, it takes me a bit, it takes me like 30 minutes to warmup.”

“If you just jump 100% right away, it hurts. But it will take away that pain if you just start lighter.”

Jumper’s Knee and food. “I would eat something that didn’t agree with me my knee would flare up hard.”

Weak Soleus and Gastrocnemius. “The fact that I’m jumping off and also landing on those is rough.”

“Sometimes if I’m walking around, if I feel my knee a little bit, I’ll just contract my adductors, I’ll feel a pop, my knee feels fine now.”

Jumping high and jumping too much. “If I were to do that when I was younger, that probably wouldn’t be as big of a problem.”

Jump technique. “For me, I never had to focus on it… I attribute that to two things: 1) I played a lot of sports… 2) me jumping every single day.”

“Dunking every day, I definitely couldn’t jump well off the dribble. Everything had to be off a lob. I just had no power… The second I started lifting… I can finally do off the dribble stuff for once.”

Dunking every day. “For years, it worked, but like anything, it just starts working less and less and less.”

“The first time getting into lifting, you just really see that boost… it also just made everything more effortless.”

Being heavier. “If I ever go into my other phases where I’m doing mostly cleans and plyometrics or straight jumping, then I have to be lighter. I can’t move weight and be elastic if I’m that heavy.”

Left-Right jumping. “If I do any elbow dunks, it’s always easier to do an elbow dunk with the left hand than it is the right hand.”

Top 3 exercises for vertical jump:

  1. Jumping
  2. Squats and Deadlifts
  3. Jumping with weights

Jumping on concrete. “People always say forever, whether they know anything about jumping or not, ‘that’s so bad for you.’ I don’t know. It’s always been okay for me.”

On avoiding other activities to dunk and lift: “Nothing. No sports. No hiking. No nothing.”

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