Podcast #25: Tendon Q&A with Dr. Jason Eure

“Almost all of the conditions I’ll see for the pain states are gonna be reactive.”

“The main element that needs to be in a tendon rehab program is gonna be specifically loading that tissue.”

Isometrics vs. a traditional warm-up for pain decrease: “Some people get a good analgesic effect from isometrics. Some, it doesn’t really matter, and they get the same effect either good or blunted by doing anything.”

Static posture and tendon pain: “That excess fluid in there changes the stress on the collagen, sometimes it can add compression.”

“When it comes to Patellar tendinopathy, a leg is extension is gonna be one of your best friends. There’s no way around it, there’s no cheating, you have to stress the patellar tendon.”

Tendon Pain in Training

“Pain experienced in the session, as long as it’s tolerable… it doesn’t seem to have any impact on the long-term outcome.”

“Pain after the fact, like the next day… that’s something we have to avoid.”

Tendon Rupture

“The vast the majority of individuals, over 90%, who have Achilles tendon ruptures, have zero symptoms beforehand.”

“It seems like there are different pathological processes occurring that lead to the rupture than lead to the tendinopathy.”

Tendon Adaptation and Age

Young athletes: “More evidence of physiological change. Evidence of hypertrophy of the tendons themselves and changes in the collagen.”

Older athletes: “A lot less evidence of that and the magnitude is much smaller.”

Other Keys

“It’s sandwiched between two of the most adaptive tissue types we have in the body. Muscles adapt to anything. Bones are extremely responsive. Why would the tissue between it not be?”

“The longer somebody’s dealt with one of these issues, the less and less it becomes specific to that tendon.”

“Tendon issues, especially for the Patellar tendon are a loading issue. Biomechanics definitely play a role in that… but it all leads back to load.”

“Getting low on single leg sissy squats, that’s gonna be a lot of load through that Patellar tendon.”

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