Podcast #19: Dr. Tommy John on Isometrics


Single-leg Stand: “Anybody 13+ should be able to get 3 minutes minimum.”

Huge red flag: Foot, arch, ankle, calf, Achilles… that should never fatigue before the hips… the tires are bald and failing… the hips should come well before the foot ever comes in.

“The test is the solution and the solution is the test.”

ISO Lunge: “We should be at a minimum strength endurance to be able to do 3.”

Single-leg Stand and ISO Lunge: “It gets your body synced up and coordinated so much.”

“It’s the mental, emotional aspects to the ISOs that are untouched.”

“Two ISOs in the morning, two ISOs at night, it will completely change your entire makeup of life.”

“You have to get a stimulus into the body that’s greater than the stimulus that caused the injury in the first place.”

“The only method of training that can exceed that stimulus level are the ISOs safely.”

“I love to see a 3 minute lunge. I love to see a 5 minute standing leg raise.”

Doc TJ’s Pyramid:

  • Skill (top) – Sport
  • Performance (middle) – Loading, jumping, dropping, throwing, etc.
  • Movement (bottom) – ISOs

“Just prepare better and the load doesn’t matter.”

ISOs: “The recovery is in the movement…. you’re physically recovering the entire system so you can go out again more refreshed.”

Emotion and Intention: “The biggest variable in your results.”

To get the shoulder dialed in: “A prone plank, from your hands, not your elbows”

“People fix themselves with like two moves.”

“The best way to learn the ISOs is just doing them.”

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