Podcast #17: Chad Cilli


“For every example of someone you can give me that has a huge back squat and they sprint well… I can come up with examples of people who don’t back squat well and are still fast as hell.” Ben Johnson vs. Usain Bolt. Larry Fitzgerald vs. Bo Jackson.

Reverse Relationships. “Weightlifters have incredible vertical jumps which is why they’re good at Weightlifting.” “Guys who sprint well, they have good musculature and a good build to squat heavy.”

“It isn’t just a matter of strength… there’s a lot of guys who are not incredibly strong but they’re super fast cause they can coordinate their movement at high speeds.”


SRA Curves. “Ronnie Coleman can do what Ronnie Coleman did because Ronnie Coleman was juiced to the gills.”

Maximum Recoverable Volume vs. Minimum Effective Dose. “We’re slow cooking these guys. You don’t want to burn the steak.”

“If you lived in a bubble, and you controlled absolutely every factor and you had no life stress, Maximum Recoverable Volume would work just fine.”


“A lot of things that we take to increase our immune system are actually stressors.” Cold exposure, fruits, vegetables, etc.

“You don’t need to be adding in things like fasting and cold exposure because that’s just dumping more stress into the tank. You already have enough stressors, you don’t need to include artificial stressors to get a hormetic effect.”


“Counting calories is an artificial intervention that doesn’t teach people healthy behaviors that are sustainable in the long term.”

“At the end of the day, eating is psychology… it doesn’t work to just tell people to count calories.”

“You don’t even have to start counting calories because just simply putting those interventions in: Getting rid of binge eating, getting rid of the emotional eating, and getting people to choose healthier foods.”

“If you’re just eating egg whites, eventually you’re going to end up with a biotin deficiency.”

“Consume a whole bunch of creatine and salt and drink a whole bunch of water and you’ll gain massive amounts of lean body mass on a DEXA.”


We didn’t evolve on a vegan diet. “For you to follow a vegan diet and be healthy, you need to take a B12 supplement and B12 supplements didn’t exist a thousand years ago.”

“If you take enough anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs, whatever diet you’re on doesn’t matter.”

You can perform on a vegan diet, but “most people suck at formulating their vegan diet.”

Protein on a vegan diet. “You’re not looking at 25 grams of protein anymore… you have to sit down and actually pay attention to the individual amino acids.”

“The diet is devoid in omega-3… because we don’t convert alpha linoleic acid into DHA.”

“Your retina and your brain actually need this specific form where the electron is in the SN2 position. Well guess what? That’s found in deep water fish.”

“There’s a big difference between you consuming fish versus you taking some pill that’s probably oxidized and rancid from sitting on the shelf at Vitamin Shoppe.”

“If you just ate sardines once a week, you would have enough DHA that you would never develop a deficiency.”


“Can you eat a carnivore diet where you eat nothing but steak and be healthy? I would say that’s very questionable.”

“If you start including all the organ meats, then yes, your diet would be complete.”

“The best thing to do is to take a vegan diet and a carnivore diet and put the two together.”


“Elimination diets are great, but they’re for sick people.”

“Ketogenic diets are wonderful for sick people.”

“Ketogenic diets do not cure cancer. In fact, they could make your cancer worse.”


“If you want to gain muscle, you need to have frequent protein and spread it out.”

“Spreading your protein intake out throughout the day is definitely the best way for you to gain muscle.”

“You can’t just take BCAA powder, you need all of the amino acids to build muscle.”

“Nutrient timing matters if you’re gonna try a hard workout. Would it matter if I was just coming in and doing some bicep curls? No, probably not.”


“Type I and Type III collagen, probably useless in terms of tendon.” Good for health and gut.

“Consuming UC2 collagen on an empty stomach definitely improves tendon health.”


“You can’t out-diet me if I’m out-training you.”

“We need to train smarter so that you don’t need all these recovery things.”

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