Podcast #16: Adam Menner + Q&A


Making a Pyramid: Base (Movement and Aerobic Capacity), next Layer (Strength), next Layer (Running Mechanics), top (Power, Speed variations)

“If your argument is: They need to get stronger… but if they’re sprinting 15 and 20 meters progressively, their bodies are handling as much strength as possible.”

“Sprinting is the hierarchy of athletic development… it’s the most explosive exercise you can do and it’s the only exercise that recruits 100% of your body’s motor units once you hit that 15-20 meters.”

“Keep the strength training the strength training and keep the sport the sport.”

Vince Carter and increasing dorsiflexion. “You’re taking away one of his greatest assets which might be ankle stiffness and that’s what makes him a great dunker.”

Questions & Answers:

At what point in an athlete’s career do you use weighted jumps for vertical jump development?

Explosive calf raises for vertical jump development?

Other beneficial ISOs besides ISO Lunge?

Talk about knees in, athletic posture, inside edge.

Training for vert outside of the sagittal plane.

My 1-leg running jump is worse than standing jump. Why?

Thoughts on training agility in the rehab process.

Top 3 stretches that aid in vertical jump. We don’t stretch.

Should we train imperfect landings? Probably not.

Preventing shin splints. Manage volume better.

Human-healthy mobility patterns.

Best way to transfer strength to speed. Keep speed training in year-round.

French Contrast for vert in first year of vertical jump training? Probably not. It will likely fatigue instead of potentiate.

Training differences for 1-leg and 2-leg jumpers?

Would you ever intervene to correct landing mechanics?

Do ISOs have any downside?

Why aren’t ISOs popular in the vertical jumping world?

ISOs for knee pain but what about low back pain/stiffness?

Marc Pro for recovery?

Different setups for ISO Lunges?

ISO Lunge. Back leg straight or bent?

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