Podcast #15: Ben Patrick (Knees Over Toes Guy)


“If you jack up your tibialis, VMOs, hamstrings… your knees are gonna be a lot more protected for basketball.”

“Weak knees don’t come from weak hips. They come from too strong of hips relative to how strong your knees are.”

Knee Strength Measure: ATG-style Split Squat. Hamstring cover the calves without the back knee touching the floor.

Hip Strength Measure: Seated Good Morning. Abs to bench, thigh and torso in line.

“The higher the Seated Good Morning over the Split Squat, the less your knee can handle relative to hip.”

“Simply by increasing that muscle tissue (calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes), they’ll have more potential to jump high.”

Three Pillars: 1) Strength 2) Technique of Jumping and 3) Elasticity

“I think anybody can get to a 40-inch vertical with those three.”

“Anyone who can do 10,000 pain-free jumps with maximal intent, you might be able to get to a 40-inch vertical off that alone.”

“A lot of guys, from sprinting alone, will develop their hip flexors. But some guys, their hip flexors are too dang weak, they’re never gonna run fast until they jack up their hip flexors.”

“I think it’s one of the strongest bulletproofing things you can do is dunk with either hand and be able to land either leg first. I fixed so many cases of Jumper’s Knee with that alone.”

“If some dude is already jumping in his sport hundreds of times a week, I can do slow strength work and he’ll find I can jump higher because that’s his weak end of the spectrum (structure and strength).”

Why high rep: “A lot of guys… they’re not actually gonna be able to push their muscle to get stronger because the joint pain is gonna be in the way.”

“Charles Poliquin taught me that VMO is isolated in the very bottom 10 degrees and the very top 10 degrees.”

“For hip flexors, the simplest is to build where you can do a floor L-Sit off the ground (30 seconds).”

“I think most guys are in this state where they’re never really producing adaptation and they’re never really recovering from their shitty workouts.”

“My #1 strategy for getting an athlete conditioned: Let’s get you more athletic”

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