Podcast #100: Zach McManus

“There’s so much information out there and then you get out there and you get exposed to something that’s not exactly how the book said it was… the first day, nobody got hurt, everybody kinda left and was in a good mood… nobody is here to arrest me because our work to rest is off.”

“I’d love to say I was grinding it out but I was running around with my head cut off.”

“With basketball, you would want to do certain things and ‘oh man, this is just what football does.’”

“There were four guys on that team that were older than me.”

“Do whatever I can to make up that 1% that the weightroom is gonna help you with basketball, we’re gonna squeeze it all out.”

Getting jacked: “They associate those positive feeling with the weightroom.”

Being a 23 years old with a 75 year old head coach: “I think he saw that I cared about the guys… the guys vouched for me a lot.”

“The first session, you get done and nobody is there to be like ‘you were in the wrong rep range.’”

“We do this variation because… okay, what  would stop you from doing this one? We’re getting so deep into the weeds.”

“You’re gonna see progress, you’re gonna see people get better but then you get that boredom where you go deep down this rabbit hole.”

Movement over maxes: “Boom, this is it, this is all we need to do.”

“Every podcast I listen to I’m like, I’m so far behind on that.”

“That’s the beauty of it… we’ve got this guy, 6’11, 250 pounds jacked, cut up… I’m gonna look like such a genius. They’re just gonna associate it with the strength coach. No, he showed up day 1 looking like that.”

“This is what is going on at the highest level, this is what is going on at the game, this is what you look like in practice. It’s not always what you think it is.”

Understanding basketball not being a basketball guy: “Being around practice was what really helped me.” “Running up and down the court during manager games… there’s a lot more to getting in shape for basketball.”

“I think the biggest thing was just being around practice.”

“That’s just a little bit out of my comfort zone… I don’t know if that’s me… I’m not gonna do that because the athlete would understand that I’m uncomfortable doing this because I don’t fully believe in it.”

Social media: “Why your athletes are incapable of any continued success now that you are willingly not doing this… these guys are gonna combust the second they step onto the court because we’re not doing whatever.”

“How much hair do I want to thin out on top and that’s how I decide what I should go in to.”

“When you’re in the middle of it, you’re like, this is brutal, everybody else is so much smarter than me.”

Basketball strength coaches: “People are a lot more open because we’re all trying to figure it out.”

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