Episode #65: Tim Riley

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Back in the day: “My total is going up, my squat is getting bigger, and my knee pain is going through the roof.”

Knee pain: “atrophied quad… foam roller bridge, cramps up immediately.”

“My approach is Scorched Earth… We’re gonna do all of it.”

“Isometrics for the quad, quad pumps, getting the quad stronger, doing the biomechanics stuff on the backside… I don’t have to do some in-depth assessment.”

Decreasing Vastus Lateralis tone… “Dry needling. That helped me a lot.”

“I can learn a lot by watching them lunge down the field.”

Plyometrics with knee pain: “You want to remove as little as possible.”

“Sport-specific, I don’t even know what that means… I’m athlete-specific.”

“Some of these guys don’t have low hanging fruit.”

“It’s not even about the wide or the narrow, what part of this guy’s pie chart do we need to develop?”


TKO Program

Knee Pain Program