“The less you know, the more confident you are.”

“Sport will take care of it [tactical/technical ability] if your sport practice is good but most football sport practice is not good.”

“The higher level athlete you have, the easier they are to coach because they pick things up quicker.”

“We’re just out-recruiting people, we’re bringing in better athletes than other people and that’s why we’re beating them.”

“When you double down on your mental toughness and hard practices, that’s when you have the injuries and you actually win less games than you should.”

“People don’t speak up in meetings, they don’t say what they actually think because your job is on the line.”

“They create mini me’s of each other so they don’t get fired.”

“If every time you come back to fall camp and you lose 20% of your team because our volume spike in practice is ridiculous… we have issues… but nobody will say it.”

“People aren’t saying what they think.”

“When there is an injury it will fall back on the athletic training room, the strength training room, it’s never the football meeting room.”

“If you train them for what they’re practicing for, they’re not going to be better athlete. You’re just going to be running marathons trying to get their volume ready for practice.”

“Fixing your practices is hard. Saying that stuff to your head coach is hard. What’s not hard is arguing with somebody on Twitter about a bilateral vs. unilateral lift.”

“Look at the injury itself.. you’re telling me a little green mini band is going to affect that at all?”

“You’re so much better off taking stuff out than adding stuff in.”

“We need to take stuff out. We need to stop practicing 3 hours.”

“I don’t think we should practice 3 hours ever.”

“It’s lazy solutions to complex problems.”

“If you’re not doing injury prevention, why are you here?”

“You know it’s not going to work. You know you have a hyper volt, you know that’s not going to solve it. If you don’t know that, you probably shouldn’t have your job.”

“You’re going to fix the special player. If you just say that out loud, how stupid does that sound?”

“Instead of looking what do we want to accomplish today (tactically, technically, physically)… it’s we have 3 hours of practice so we’re going to fill 3 hours of practice.”

“When are athletes ever going to run over bags, it’s just because you have the bags and it’s an easy thing for an individual coach.”

“We’re not taking care of their bodies. That’s on us as coaches.”

“The NCAA gave you 3 hours, we’re just going to fill the 3 hours with random stuff.”

“I just spent 6 months building this up… and then we F it all up in 2 weeks.”

“No other school will cut out periods of practice because then if you lose, it’s because you cut those periods out.”

“They’re 18 years old, they’re not going to fix their sleep.”

“80% of them, you’re not going to fix that [lifestyle, sleep, nutrition]. So you have to change it on your end [practice load].”

“We just get away with things in football because we’re more athletic than the other person, we’re not more skilled than the other person.”

“No matter how much you think the sport coaches love you, it doesn’t change anything. At the end of the day, they have the control. And you are not going to say what you want to say if your paycheck relies upon them.”

“Say what you want to say and you’re going to advance because people are attracted to people that say what they think. Even if it’s not right, you’ll figure it out that way. You’re never going to figure it out if you’re just repeating what other people saying which is like 90% of our field.”

“Our practices suck… they’re not actually teaching an athlete anything. They’re filling time.”

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