Podcast #90: Basketball Skills with Nate Sarti


Making it in college or pro: “It’s grunt work. It’s a hierarchy.”

“You never stop learning this game [basketball].”

“I still benefitted from having some very knowledgable people coach me from a very early age.”

“In hindsight, I started picking up coaching styles at 11-15, the ages you’re most impressionable. I look back on it now, the groundwork was already being laid.”

“I still had mentors in hindsight. I was getting that information very early on (high school).”

“Criticize generally, praise specifically.”

“Nothing is going to get you better at doing your sport than doing your sport.”

“I’ve seen the players that prioritize their skill training over everything else… you get them out on the court and it looks like they’ve never played basketball before.”

“You can be in the gym doing whatever you want with your footwork and your shot… you gotta get out there and you gotta play.”

“There’s no skill development involved with just hustling and banging for an offensive rebound.”

“What you’re trying to do with skill development: get them comfortable. The kids who are the most comfortable on the court end up being the ones that have the most success.”

“We’ve come to this weird place in youth sports that there is no off season.”

“My business services are open year round. That’s what I have to do as a business. I have to operate year round. I don’t need you to operate year round.”

“If I’m getting a hint that it’s not the player that’s motivated to be doing this, I’m putting the brakes on it.”

“Basketball lifting is different… don’t do football lifting.”

“If you’re a real hooper, you’re probably in the gym 5, 6, 7 days a week… it’s no fun trying to run and jump or shoot.”

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