Podcast #88: Matt Hank and Nick Mosich


“Max propulsion is happening in bent positions, it’s not happening in these long, extended positions.”

Squatting. “Vision is out in front of you, you’re on your transverse arch, you’re dropping straight in the hole, and you’re getting out quick.”

“It’s kind of artificial stability because nobody plays that way [knees out].”

“Go low drills are literally pulling up to go down. You’re pulling into you to help you drop to get down.”

“Is it easier to roll off your first met head if the toe is up or down? If it’s up, there’s nothing in the way. You can just roll over the thing. That’s fast.”

Using weird methods. “If people get results, they don’t care”

Rolling: “it’s a deep fall… we’re rolling to fold into a ball… this is the same as running… same as running backs when they hit the hole.”

“The back leg anchors you to the ground during sprinting.”

“The path of least resistance is standing up, popping up… that’s not the fastest dude, they stay in a deep position, they’re actually pulling and folding.”

“After about 6-8 weeks, I’m trying to lengthen my stride, what do you think happens? Blown hamstring.”

“The anchor is what helps you from the knee not overextending.”

“Our hamstring injuries are almost nonexistent.”

“If you’re gonna stand… yeah, spread your feet.”

“Instead of extending and punching the ground, we did the opposite, let’s get off the ground and stay folded, and that’s when we saw the injuries started to drop.”

“Instead of punching the ground, pick up the feet.”

“Whatever people want to call it [pronation, pronated], I just call it fast. If your foot and ankle can’t get into those positions, you’re not going to be fast.”

“Getting off the ground stops you from pronating too much.”

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