Podcast #87: Jeremiah Flood


“I won’t work with people unless we do some prehab together [before surgery]”.

“Typical PT will probably be like 3×20 leg lifts, heel slides. We’re going 2 sets of 250.”

“I’ve had 3 quads (tendon grafts) and those have been quicker recoveries (compared to patellar grafts).”

“If an adolescent has a swollen knee, something is wrong.”

“Get them close to normal before surgery.”

“Prehab is two a days.”

Post-ACL rupture: “You become over reliant on the visual system… you process information slower… The whole goal of my rehab and prehab is to get you out of reliance on the visual system.”

“If it takes 2,000 reps to learn a new motor pathway, is 3×20 really going to do that?”

“I need you to PR, I need you to be better than you were before.”

“If you actually see yourself better than you were when you got hurt, you’re unstoppable.”

“Valgus is a byproduct of an ACL rupture… by the time you see the knee go in, the ACL has been torn already.”

“That’s less than the blink of an eye [time it takes for an ACL to rupture]”.

“For everyone saying: Put a band around your knees, and train the glute med, and get out of valgus… sorry boys, that’s not it.”

ACL tear: “it’s a blend of visual and mechanical.”

Addressing the lower leg: “throw it all in [spring ankle, plyometrics, running, wall hops, transverse arch.”

“It’s really boring in the beginning but it’s necessary.”

“Keeping the ACL kids with the healthy kids, they’re still a part of family, they’re still a competitor.”

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