Podcast #76: Dunk Wisdom with Clint Ainsworth & Dallon Findlay


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“If you can think of a dunk program, I’ve probably done it.” – Clint

“A day of plyometrics, rest, a day of really heavy training, take a couple days off, jump, rinse and repeat and have done that for years.” – Dallon


“I partially tore my patellar twice.” – Clint

Dee Brown Slam Dunk Camp in Orlando. “Three days straight of jump sole training… day 3, Dwight Howard shows up… I do an off the bounce, off the glass dunk, when I jump, my knee explodes.” – Clint

“You do tons of that [isometrics for tendon health] with a warrior 1 and runner’s pose.” – Clint

“Warm ups for me used to be less than 5 minutes, I would walk on the court, do a layup and then a dunk and I was good to go.” – Dallon

“As I was rehabbing my Achilles [tear]… I immediately went from Achilles to patellar tear.” – Dallon


“Asphalt is the devil… anything where there is potential for slipping is the worst.” – Clint

“For me it’s like therapy for my joints [springy hardwood].” – Dallon


“There’s two things that are super important for me, lockdown and grip. I care about those things even more so than cushioning.” – Clint

“If the shoe doesn’t have good heel support, I have to tape up my Achilles or it’s not going to feel secure.” – Dallon

Small Ball

“That’s gonna throw things off… I’m not gonna do a windmill when I’m grabbing this tennis ball and just cranking it around the same as if I’ve got a real ball in my hand.” – Clint

Low Rims

“I’ve tried lower rims [under 9’8], just mentally, I can’t turn off jumping at max power, so it doesn’t really benefit.” – Dallon

Dunking off Different Plants

“It’s [right foot jump] almost a foot lower than my left foot jump. And same with my left-right plant [compared to right-left]… you do what’s fun. I definitely abuse which leg it hurts, my good plants.” – Dallon

Dunk Camp

“Regardless of where they’re at as far as the skill standpoint of dunking, that drive and obsession is the same.” – Clint

“Maybe you have to be a genetic freak to be the best dunker in the world, but to dunk, it’s just as possible as running marathons, doing bodybuilding, doing Crossfit.” – Dallon

“If you believe it mentally, it’s crazy how much more you can unlock physically, that’s one of the biggest lessons from Dunk Camp.” – Dallon


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