Podcast #75: Red Light Therapy 101 with Andrew LaTour (Gembared)

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1960s, first lasers developed.. “They started aiming them at rats… hair would grow back faster… the incision would grow back faster.”

“Those wavelengths penetrate into the skin deeper than any other wavelengths on the spectrum.”

“Most of the benefits are a systemic benefit.”

“Red light therapy really works at improving the health of damaged cells… you want to treat the areas that are having the issue.”

“If you already have healthy cells, you don’t necessarily need to treat those healthy cells.”

“When you know you’re going into a stressful situation, you can pretreat yourself and help you through that stressful event.”

20 minutes is good but I’m gonna do an hour because why not do more?… there’s no medicine that would say just take more of the same pill.”

“Red light therapy produces some beneficial ROS… like sauna, exercise, that’s part of your hormesis… you get some ROS in a small amount and that’s good… if you do a very long dose or an overdose, then it’s ROS that works against you.”

“Most things we do, we think we’re only getting the benefits while we’re doing it… but really, a lot of the benefits and mechanisms are happening after you’re done with the red light therapy session.”

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