Podcast #68: Dunk Wisdom with Ryan Nagle



“I think the main thing that transformed my vert was jumping a ton [4 times per week] and that’s not sustainable for me now.”

“Even though the volume of my lifting was so low [2 sets per week], I still got substantial strength gains in my first year.”

Getting a better penultimate: “Just jumping a ton.”

“When I first started two foot, I was so slow and clunky.”

“Back then, upwards of 80 jumps per week max effort. I was jumping ~20 inches, so not a ton of fatigue, damage to joints, etc.”

“Now, it’s probably 10 max jumps per week.”

Being able to dunk cold: “I think it’s because I’m just so much younger.”

“During season, I had no issues because I had high load the whole time… my shin splints will flare up, my knee will flare up if I stop loading and then start loading again.”

“I incorporate slow strength… For the most part, I don’t really need ISOs too much.”

“I think it’s because I’ve had so much jump volume throughout my life… I have such a base of technique, I don’t really have variation in my technique when I take time off.”

Olympic lifts: “It’s very valuable for teaching someone how to move.”

“A decrease in jump performance over a phase is an indication of a good thing (e.g., you’re training hard).”

Grouping stressors: “If you were to try to lift on your off day, you’d just have no days off. So I had to lift on a day when I had a hard practice and that allowed me to recover.”

“If you can’t internally rotate well, it’s going to be extremely hard for you to have a long penultimate.”

“Having a smooth acceleration is probably the most important thing in a jump.”

“My left quad is bigger, my right calf is bigger… I think asymmetry is just how it’s gonna go.”

“For two foot, you probably would want a softer shoe.”

“One foot, I notice that I jump a lot better with a stiffer shoe.”

“You need a lot of volume in order to adapt, especially the more skilled you get.”

“If you’re fast and really thin, focus more on force (e.g., lifting)… if you’re bigger and stronger and slow, focus more on jumping.”