Podcast #52: Dunk Wisdom with Anthony Height


“I’ll do upper body… legs, I don’t really touch them.”

Sports as a kid: “I played pretty much anything I could play.”

“I wouldn’t even say jumping is my best, I think running is my best athletic thing.”

“I got my first dunk in 6th grade on accident.”

Jump ability: “I think a mixture of genetics and playing sports, being active.”

Dunk session:

  • Stretch
  • Standing dunks
  • Drop step dunks
  • From the elbow dunks
  • From the three pointer dunks
  • Windmills
  • Backscratchers
  • Between the legs
  • Tomahawk windmill, tomahawk between the legs, experiment with other dunks

“I usually do one [dunk session] once a week.”

In training: “I purposely don’t max jump at all.”

“As long as I can stretch before I dunk, I can get warm pretty quick.”

On people’s advice to lengthen his penultimate: “1) Can you beat me? 2) This [short penultimate] has worked for me.”

Lifting: “I’ll probably use it down the line when I’m older.”

“For me, stretching is the most important thing.”

“Dunks shows are the easiest… by myself is the hardest, it’s almost like a 9 to 5… with people it’s less about making dunks and more about what you guys can invent together.”

“Under both… I can’t do it in a session but I’ve always been able to do it in a show or a contest.”

Shoes: “My all-time favorite was the Hyperdunk 2012.”

“Don’t you just want to go to the gym and go dunk? Is that not fun enough?”

“I’ve tried to jump my highest and I had to roll… once you get too high, you have no balance in the air.”

“If you have the technique down, you can do any dunk… if you got 5 inches over the rim, you can pretty much do anything… it’s hand speed and coordination.”

“My hand speed came from football.”

“I pretty much came into every sport already being probably the top athlete.”

“I had jumper’s knee but I stopped jumping for 2 days, went back to jumping, and it kinda just went away.”

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