Podcast #5: Bobby Sepesy on Coaching – Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood


“In order for you to be taught or to teach, the relationship is going to come first.”

“As opposed to you having all the answers and you having all the tools… its become more about what our athletes know, more than what we know.”

Guiding athletes in terms of: “Mindset, behavior, movement, spiritual growth… I think we as strength coaches have to embody that.”

“We want to give our coaches a stronger organism.”

“Many times when we want to get better, we need to strip away and take things more simply, than make them more complex.”

To change a movement pattern, “psychologically creates a judgment mindset… Let’s just create something newer. So now all of a sudden, the judgement is gone… it’s like ‘Oh, this is a whole new better way.'”

On using Minimum Effective Dose: “We’re one hour a day.” With the other lifestyle factors: “Who knows what kind of stress, and probably not eustress.”

Embodying what you talk about: “If I can’t stand for that myself, then how in the world could I genuinely expect them to give me that kind of quality of work?”


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“Seek knowledge from things that make you a bit uncomfortable and don’t justify your means.”

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