Podcast #47: Dunk Wisdom with Jumps By Chi



High school: “3×10, 3×12, benching, squatting, lunges. Really simple stuff.”

College: “French contrast training, a lot more bounding and approach work for long jump and triple jump. I think the combination of all those set me up.”

“Squatting is probably my main movement. Back squat specifically.”

“Hip hinging… eased so much of the pain and discomfort in my hamstring.”

“If I’m just lifting all the time, I feel like I’ll just get slower.”

Standing vs. Approach

Standing jumps: “It’s the easiest thing for me.”

Approach jumps: “There’s so many things that could go wrong.”

“A lot of times, I fall back to just jumping from a standstill because it’s less painful.”

“The jump is a continuation of your approach.”

“If the approach isn’t right, your jump isn’t going to be good.”


Wooden court vs. concrete court: “I 100% feel better indoors.”

Knee Health: “Big quad muscles for my size… pretty extensive history with a lot of elastic contacts (bounding, jumping, plyos).”

“If you’re not doing basketball, you should do track and field.”

“There’s no way you can be a bad jumper if you’ve done 8 years of triple jump.”

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