Podcast #26: Left vs. Right Knee Pain with Neal Hallinan


“If you’ve gotta pick a side, your pelvis is always gonna want to shift to the right more than it will to the left.” Because:

  • Bigger right diaphragm
  • Easier to stand and breathe on the right leg
  • You simply have more muscle over there (on the right side)

“We are all preferring to orient to the right. It’s not an issue until it becomes extreme.” It’s not an issue until:

  • You sit all day
  • You do the same thing over and over and over again

“For a lot of people, they’re simple to work with. They just have to learn how to get off their right leg and stabilize on their left leg. And then just go back and forth.”

80% of people have lost the ability to:

  • Compress their left hip joint
  • Rotate to the left
  • Sense the ground under their left foot

So they’re unstable on the left side. Hence, the right side stays overactive.

“Knee pain on the right side… reflective of a body that can’t get off the right side… that can’t unload or deload the right side because they can’t get to the left.”

“On the left side… the left knee is gonna hurt because they can never fully load the left side, so they lost stability through the left hip.”

  • Quad and hip flexors on the left side are gonna be doing double duty.

Example beginner template: https://pritrainer.com/pri-left-aic-right-bc-beginner-example-program/

“Some people will resolve their issue 80-90% with just those 4-5 techniques if they do it consistently.”

“Almost everybody’s right neck is tight… a neck should not be tight on the right side if you’re truly on the left side.”

“60-70 years ago, PRI was not needed… Because we lived a more active lifestyle. Because we were just more natural in terms of movement.”

“You see people walking all the time where their weight never goes to the left.”

“When you look at people walking, most people, their right arm hangs at their side. It doesn’t swing whatsoever. They have no torso rotation whatsoever.”

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