Podcast #14: Jeremiah Flood


“Everyone has their own path of growth.”

Kids with low physical literacy: “Just make fitness fun.”

“If you’re gonna want to be great… it’s gonna start out of love.”

“As competition rises… what will separate them is their decision-making.”

Fatigue is psycho-biological. “It may not be cardiovascular… but the way the brain focuses and the brain works… technical skills could be thrown off.”

“All expectations should be placed by the kid.”

“Every coach’s initial default coaching style is what worked for them when they played sports.”

White Coat Syndrome with testing: “Test after workout… super high, new PR. And then testing day, we expect to do it again… nowhere near their PR.”

“Speed is great. Speed is also even better when you are able to perceive your environment faster than anyone else.”

“We have seen so much improvement in straight line speed just from playing games.”

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