Podcast #101: Matt Aldred

“I’ve got no experience playing the sport, so I have to learn the sport, I have to dissect it, I have to reverse engineer, I have to listen, I have to watch practice.”

“I’ve got to learn it if I want to be the best.”

“I’m no threat… players don’t want a threat, they want people that can pour into them, develop them, they don’t need someone that is constantly challenging them all the time in this space [weightroom].”

“If I’m at work, I work… my career is on me.”

“I get paid to do my job and my job is not training myself.”

“I don’t need to squat 500 pounds, I do not Olympic lift, my players do not care.”

“You don’t need to be jacked, bro. You just need your athletes to buy-in and care.”

“I want my brain to be the best thing about me… I think our careers are centered on how we think.”

“interns will probably replicate their head coach… how they dress, how they train, how they talk… the more coaches you work for, the better ideas you have because you can take ideas from each.”

“I love data, the Kinexon piece, the force plate piece kinda speaks to my heart.”

“I think I get bored easily… I’m always trying to find what else can I do… and it could be a bad rabbit hole… it could be adding too much.”

“The game positions… how can we overload those positions… how can we increase the transfer of training.”

“The fascial based is gonna be more unstable, single leg, rotation exercises, offset loading, different force vectors, different ranges of motion, different speeds.”

“He [fascial athlete] just needs to put on more size, he’s just not strong enough.”

“I should get them strong enough probably within a year or two years.”

“Which would you prefer if you’re dunking? Are you gonna go double leg or single? Single with momentum would be a more fascial based mover.”

“What do you want your team to be? I want them to look good, hypertrophied, strong, imposing… but what I really want them to do is be able to move well, move efficiently, do that repeatedly for 32 games of the year.”

“How can you maximize their superpower and how can you also bring up their weakness? It’s an art form. I think it’s just communication with the athlete.”

Fascia: “I know it’s real, I know it’s tangible.”

Fascia: “I think it’s like the glue of the body, I think the muscles/skeleton are the mechanics.”

Fascia: “Collagen is laid down in the areas where you stress, so if we keep doing bilateral squats, forward lunges, deadlifts… okay, you can be really good bilateral, sagittal but that’s not gonna help anyone… basketball is so 360, I think we’re missing the mark if we just do dumbbells and barbells.”

“The best athletes you see, their erector spinae is incredible.”

Fascia: “I don’t think if you do everything on a foam pad/Bosu ball, that’s gonna move the needle… that’s completely not it.”

ATG Split squat: “It looked so bad… I think this is a little bit too extreme… I think we can hit that position [instead] with a quick stretch.”

“If they had a crazy practice the day before, they’re going to suck on the force plates, I’m still going to get that data point.”

“In our off seasons, in our summer, our jumps suck…. but from the summer to the pre season to the in season, that curve is going up, I want them to be jumping the best in season.”

“It’s very, very unlikely that their numbers are gonna suck on game day… there’s no better warmup to do a force plate jump than a basketball game day warmup.”

“Your best jumpers are gonna be more upright, they’re gonna have a very shallow knee bend… they’re going to look like a spring… whereas those muscle based movers are gonna have a deeper knee flexion, trunk leaning forward, center of gravity moving forward.”

Getting basketball players to want to lift: “I think you tell them this is a place of development and we’re trying to maximize the transfer of training from the weight room to the court, it’s like you’re almost speaking to a recruit, this isn’t Gold’s Gym, this isn’t where we’re trying to be bodybuilders, meatheads, I’m trying to make you a better basketball player.”

“Those more fascial, elastic based guys, they want to do skill, they don’t really want to be in the weight room.”

“Are you training them the way they should be trained?… how specific can we make training in the weight room.”

In season: “If you don’t lift, you’re essentially just turning into a cross country athlete, and I can’t have that, you’re just having a cardio stimulus, your muscles is gonna atrophy, your body composition scans in season are gonna suck, you’re gonna get in your head about it, you’re gonna feel weak, so we’re gonna have to hit some traditional lifting.”

“In England, you’re a physical performance coach or you’re a fitness coach, that’s your title. In America, you’re a strength and conditioning coach.”

“We don’t track the game. That makes no sense to me.”

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