Gold from Douglas Heel

  1. “If you’re defending, you can’t be performing.”
  2. “Whatever is in the mind is in the body.”  “Whatever is in the body is in the mind.”
  3. “The captain of the ship – it’s your brain”
  4. When you’re stressed out – “Chances are, when you’re trying to teach a new pattern, the brain says ‘sorry, mate, I am far too busy to do this. I am trying to survive’.”
  5. “If you’re not enjoying it, why are you doing it in the first place?”
  6. “A smoker is actually breathing fairly well with their diaphragm, and so there are huge benefits that come from that”
  7. “Psoas Major has fascial connections directly into the diaphragm”
  8. “The back of your neck is directly impacting on your Glutes”
  9. “People are results driven”
  10. “The Psoas Major… is the main connection we have from our upper body down to our legs.”
  11. “If the quads have been controlling the hip, they’re not controlling the knee effectively.”
  12. “I’m a great believer that the Glutes and the Psoas are incredible part of our core stability.”
  13. “If you were to watch a baby, how do they breathe? The diaphragm.  We haven’t taught them to be stressed, we haven’t taught them the wrong way to do things.  They naturally do it the right way.”


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