Episode #62: Health Architect with Dr. Patrick O’Brien



“I need to adjust that level of the spine but I need to work on the soft tissues. If I just do one or the other, maybe I’m not fixing that patient completely.”

“Every sport gets you in shape but out of balance.”

“That’s an unnatural movement, skating itself.”

“Most athletes are overtrained from a young age, so you have this accumulation of overuse overtime.”

“You have biomechanics (training, soft tissue work, etc.), you have biochemistry (hydration, minerals, etc.).”

Knee pain in hockey athletes: “I think a lot of times it’s buildup of stress in those older athletes.”

“About 80% of your diagnosis is in their history.”

“If that tissue is normal, it feels clean.”

“I look at the whole body… your body is one piece… at the end of the day, everything has to work together.”

“You can untangle yourself through exercise.”

“If you can take that athlete within their own blueprint of how they’re made and you can make them a little bit better within their framework, I think that’s the idea.”

“If I’m riding a bike, I’m feeling that terrain through it… if you look at a hockey player, those skates are an extension of their body.”

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