Be Activated and RPR are life-changing interventions.  I have done thousands of activation sessions and the results are immediate and measurable.


Arne N. Arne N.

"When I was activated for the first time, I felt lighter than before.  My body felt much more fluid and I was like a bouncing tennis ball ready to go.  I noticed a much bigger difference in my workout.  Before, I used to stretch sometimes in between sets of compound movements.  After being activated, I could feel the targeted muscles work.  My range of motion is better and I am able to pass my old PRs.  I don’t workout without doing some self-activation."

Brady S. Brady S., D3 Collegiate Baseball Player

"I notice my muscle groups working together.  I noticed quicker recovery because I felt better going into my workouts.  After two months of activation sessions, my squat jumped from 415 to 485 and the same results were seen with my bench press.  This past year of collegiate baseball was the first season I haven’t been hurt.  Activating before game days allowed me to use my legs more which generated a faster fastball for me and my body didn’t hurt as much late in games."

Mike C. Mike C., Professional Basketball Player

“After activation, I felt balanced, centered, and more mobile.  There was an immediate increase in performance from the muscles that got activated.  More importantly for me is it made me in touch with my body.  If something felt wrong, a muscle wasn’t really firing for example, I could tell immediately.  As an athlete, this will have dividends in preventing injury over the course of a long season.”

Vid M. Vid M., D3 Collegiate Basketball Player

“After being activated, I felt ready to do high intensity activities like hitting the weight room and/or playing a full basketball game.  My muscles were warm and relaxed, but also mentally I felt locked in and ready to go.  The activation was definitely worth it and I keep using it today.”

Chris T. Chris T., D3 Collegiate Basketball Player

"Legs usually feel tight and full, now they feel light and relaxed.  Mostly relaxed, that's the biggest thing I feel."  "Since the activation session and doing my Psoas and Glutes myself, my knees have never felt this good with this much practice."

Mike N. Mike N., D1 Collegiate Mid-Distance Runner

"I felt more engaged and lighter on my feet, a freer sense."

A typical session lasts 1 hour.  If there is no change, there is no charge.  Contact me here for details and scheduling.